Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Girls Boys Hostel in Indore

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Sunday, 27 September 2015

Popular girls and boys Hostel in Indore

The city of Indore in Madhya Pradesh, India is one of the most famous and perfect place for all students who want to complete their higher education and make a good career. Indore is only one place which is known as the only best education place and every year many students come here for his/her higher education. Because they found the numbers of education option here like Prestige, IPS, Medicaps, Acropolis, Allen, Brain Master, Catalyzer, Ranker’s Point, Fast, Success Point, and the Straight Ford Academy etc. DAVV is the top class university in Indore located in the Nalanda campus, R.N.T marg, Indore nearby regal square.
SK group of boys and girls hostels in Indore

There are many hostels are available in Indore and many hostel service providers’ claims that they provide the best hostel services, but if you want to stay safe, secure and comfortable place in Indore then SK Group of girls and boys hostel is the best choice to go for. They provide good and friendly environment for all learner students.

SK group of boys and girls hostels offer the best accommodation for the boys and girls students who come from different-different locations of India. It is the most popular and suitable accommodation place for staying in Indore. Because all the hostels of this group are situated near by top class institutes and top location.

SK group of boys and girls hostels in Indore is a private hostel service provider and belong to a private organization. It has many years of experience in improving hostels service and offer best accommodation for girls and boys students. At the present time, we are leading hostel service provider in Indore and have a four girls and three boy’s hostel in different location in Indore. Our all the hostels are located in Vijaynagar, Geeta Bhawan and Bhawarkuna.

We offer following facilities of learners who searching the best, safe, secures and comfortable accommodation for their stay.

1. Free and safe parking place for your voices.

2. Common T.V. Rooms for entertainment with DTH connection.

3. Room service with daily cleaning.

4. Water purifier for clean drinking water.

5. Free Wi-Fi connection for suffering internet.

6. Friendly environment with helpful staff.

7. Fully furnished Spacious rooms including a bed, mattress, desk, chair, wardrobe, etc. in our each hostel in Indore.

8. Security guard, CCTV Cameras and warden staying 24*7 on premises.

9. Mess facilities for Healthy and hygienic food.

10. Affordable rates.

All these things make formation for excellent accommodation services for all students. SK group of girls and boys hostels in Indore is the best suitable place for students who are looking for the best and suitable accommodation for their kids or young boys/girls. We provide totally relax and best amenities for your children’s .During the term of people knowing more about our hostel service then contact us by Mobile phone +91 9993185147 and Email or visit your webpage

Friday, 18 September 2015

SK Group of Boys and Girls Hostels in Indore

SK group of Hostel is the best boys and girls hostel in Indore from all the aspects, students look for their perfect stay. In this Hostel in Indore we have rooms of all kinds and anyone can select rooms of their own choice according to their needs and budget. The rooms include single bedroom, double bedroom, a triple bedroom and a long list of different types of bedroom along with best storage facilities.

boys hostel in indore

SK group of Boys hostel is a hostel in Vijaynagar and is one of the most satisfactory Boys hostels in Indore. All the vehicle services are very immediate to the hostel, such as Rickshaw stand, Van stand, city bus stop, ibus stop, etc. All the leading institutes are established neighboring this Indore Boys Hostel. If you are probing for hostel near prestige, Allen then it is the one you are looking for.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

How to enjoy hostel-life ?

Sometimes in our lives, we need to get out of our home and to live in some strange places far away from our homes. Often time it sounds scary, but you can’t resist with not to live. You have to stay in hostels no matter how do you feel about them.
pg for boys in indore

If you take the decision of living in a hostel, your biggest challenge is to face strangers. And you have no idea how to deal with them, you are scared if anybody comes to you and treat you badly, you are worried that people are going to push you around. But don’t worry, it will show you how to survive your hostel life and make it memorable. Here are some of my tips that can help you:

1. Be open – Most of the time, when we get to meet strange people you get closed and so skeptical, but here I am suggesting you to be open and take interest people around you, because most of them also are the same as you are. If you come across like a friendly and open person they will feel relaxed with you and share their ideas with you. Always remember leaders are open. If you are open enough, people feel safe with you and want to hang around with you. 

2. Take initiates – Most often we wait for other people to take initiates, but by taking first initiatives, we can become more likable person among the crowd. Take good initiates, it will certainly help you to grow.

3. Try to encourage others – It is good to feel good about ourselves, but if you encourage people to feel good about themselves, they will be more likely to listen to you and they will also encourage you in response. Just remember that’s not going to happen if you just wait and see somebody come over start talking – you need to go ahead; smile and say-HELLO! It makes a big change, trust me.

4. Be patient – At home, you might be too addicted to do things in just the way you like, but if you are staying in a hostel, then situations are quite different and often time you can’t do anything about them, so just keep patience and see if you can have a way out. 

5. Keep your things organized- Here is your mom is not taking care of you, so make sure you put all the things in a good manner so that you can easily use them and carry them. 

6. Be active, aware and actionable- Remember in hostels you are the only person who is taking care of yourself, so it is very important for you to be active and aware of things around you. You need to be able to take action if something wrong is going on. 
pg for girls in indore

I know that taking the decision of living in a hostel is fearful, but if you need to be the person who wants to lead others and want to grow as a person then it is very good opportunity to spend some of your time in a hostel, whether for study reason, travelling reason or any other reason. Just see it in a way that you have an opportunity to explore your deepest aspects of your personality. I promise it will be a great fun activity. So, just go ahead and enjoy your hostel live.For more information click here.