Saturday, 10 October 2015

Most Famous Hostels in Indore, Madhya Pradesh

If you are searching for girls or boys hostel in Indore then this post can help you to find out hostel of your comfort. There are so many hostels available in Indore. Some are very good some are average. There are some hostels that provide great service.

1. Shri Kripa Girls Hostel- If you are looking for girls’ hostel near Prestige College, near Allen coaching, soft vision, Kayakubj Nursing College, Sikka School or Brilliant Convention then Shri Kripa Girls Hostel could be for first choice. Shrip Kripa hostel provides all kinds of facilities to girls by keeping their needs into consideration.

Address: - Scheme no 78, Part 2, plot no.85, Shri Girls Hostel, near Prestige College, Vijay Nagar, Indore

2. Deeksha Girls Hostel – If you are looking for Girls hostel in these areas, Malwa institute, Acropolis College, Central College, then consider Deeksha Girls Hostel. It is one of best Girls hotel in Indore. It provides great atmosphere to live and study. Following is the address for the hostel:

Address: - Scheme no 114,plot no. 349, behind abhikaran Honda,Dewas naka,indore

3. Vishalakshi Girls Hostel – Bhawarkua is a key place to live in Indore. Our Vishalakshi Girls Hostel in Bhawarkua facilitates you to live comfortable and better life. The following is the address for the hostel:

Address: - Yes Arcade 3, Professor Colony, Bhanwarkua Square, Indore (M.P.)

4. Kripa Girls Hostel – Getting a hostel near Geeta Bhawan in Indore is always great. Geeta Bhawan is the area known because of better environment for study and a center area of Indore. If you really want to feel the spirit of young Indorian then get a hostel near Geeta Bhawan. Kripa Girls Hostel makes it possible for you. Visit to the hostel and discover its true value by yourself. The address is given below:

Address:- 73 Lala Ram Nagar, Kripa Girls Hostel, Geeta Bhawan Square, Indore (M.P.)

5. City Boys Hostel – Are you looking for Boys hostel near Geeta Bhawan in Indore? Don’t worry, your search ends here, we provide the best boys hostel at Geeta Bhawan in Indore. City Boys Hostel allows you to live with full comfort and ease. We will find it the most desirable hostel in Indore. You can see the address below:

Address: - 313/D,Seva Sardar Nagar(Near St.Paul School), City Boy’s Hostel, Indore (M.P.).

6. SK boys Hostel – SK Boys hostel in Indore is the elite hostel to live in locating near IPS academy Indore, it is also a boys hostel near Medicaps.  Our main aim is to provide the best quality facilities to the students that come from diverse cities and states. 

Address: - Near IPS academy,gamle wali pulia,A.B. road, Indore (M.P.)., SK Boys Hostel Indore, Indore (M.P.).

7. Shri Boys Hostel – Shri Boys Hostel is one of the best boys hostel near Vijay Nagar. This boy’s hostel provides better environment, so that you could live comfortably away from your home. It is near all important education institutes like; Prestige College, Soft Vision, Kanyakubj Nursing College, Sica School, Brilliant Convention.

Address:- Scheme no 78,Part 2 ,plot no.8,Shri Boys Hostel, near Vrindavan Restaurant, Vijay Nagar, Indore.

8. Shri Hostel – Shir Hostel is the best for girls in Indore. It also provides nice place to live and study. 

9. New Kripa – New Kripa is one of the best girls hostel in Geeta Bhawan area. We have the facilities which include luggage store, parking, laundry services, and internet connection etc.

Location: Indore, Madhya Pradesh 452001, India


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